Saturday, July 31, 2010

Looking for a Partner

I know I haven't had my blog very long, but I feel like I need a partner.  It is hard for me to post every week and I would really like to be able to post every week.  So these are the two options I have come up with:
1. Either take a break and bake bake bake! Then when I come back I will have lots of stuff to post about.
2. Find a partner.
I fancy the second idea the best.
So if you are interested in partnering with me, or just would like some more details, please leave me a comment or send me an email! OR
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strawberry Cupcake?

So my friend's birthday was this past week. She loves strawberry everything - strawberry cakes, strawberry ice cream and milkshakes, etc.  So I made her strawberry cupcakes that were supposed to look like strawberries :)
Here is my attempt....
(Sorry for the bad quality...I took this on my phone)

So yeah...there is my cupcake ^_^

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcake Love

Last Friday was my birthday.  And for my birthday, my mom gave me a Cupcake Apron.  I am a very messy cooker...I think I got it from my grandfather.  When I am in the Kitchen, it looks like a total disaster!  I always end up with flour and other stuff on my clothes, on the counter, on the floor, and sometimes on the walls...I really don't know how this stuff happens! Lol. So needless to say, I NEEDED an apron.  I had entered several giveaways for the Flirty Aprons, but of course...I didn't win any :(

I also got 3 cupcake books!!! I am really excited about those!!!
Hello, Cupcake

Whats New, Cupcake?

and Crazy About Cupcakes

I am SOOO excited to try some of these cupcakes out!! 
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Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday July 16 was my birthday. I am now 19!
So for my birthday I made myself a cake...I thought it would be a really fun thing to do. I decided to make a 3d cake. I have never made a 3d cake before so I was going into this thing blind. Looking around on google images and other sites, I finally got an idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a 3D ELEPHANT! My brother and I have an inside joke with elephants, which is why I decided to go with that. So then I looked through even MORE pictures to find out how to make one (cause remember, I have never made a 3D cake before...)
I went on and looked around and stumbled upon the cutest elephant cake ever! Later on a found another site with the same elephant but this time it had instructions. YAY! I had to change a few things cause I don't have any 3D cake molds :( But I think it turned out pretty good for my first 3D cake.
The picture that I had seen used fondant, so it looked pretty and very smooth.  However, I don't really like fondant.  I have never used it before but I am a buttercream frosting fan!  Woohoo! So I decided to just frost mine and hope to get it smooth and it still look cute.

I used a box Cake Mix.  Decorating the cake was going to be hard enough, I didn't want to try and deal with making one from scratch.

So first things first....Bake the Cake.
I made 3 9-inch round cakes.  (I would have used an 8 inch but I didn't have an 8 inch pan. Oh well.)
Bake half of a cake mix in a oven-safe bowl.
I cut the domes off all the cakes.  The bowl cake, I did cute the dome off but not the part that is down in the bowl...cause I needed the curve.  But I did cut the bowl cake in half, so now I have 4 round cakes and one curved cake.
The Wilton WonderMold would do the same affect....but I don't have that.
And I poured some cake batter in a clean empty soup can and baked it.
 (The one on the left is the part I baked in the bowl.  The ones on the right are the 3 - 9 inch round cakes stacked on top of each other.)

Assemble the Cake
Setting one of the round cakes down on my surface, I spread a thin layer of icing on top of the cake.  Then I stacked another round cake on top, iced it, and put on a third one.  See a pattern?  I put the fourth round one on and the bowl one.  However, my bowl wasn't quite as big as my 9-inch round cakes so I took my serrated knife and cut at an angle to help smooth out the curve all the way around.
**If you freeze your cakes for about 45 minutes before you cut them and crumb-coat it, it will help lessen the crumbs.**
Alright, so once the cake is all stacked, put a thin crumb coat icing.  I put it back in the freezer for about 45 more minutes.

While the cake was in there, I made one big rice krispie treat ball for the head and iced it.  I didn't do this but I think I should have, but I should have stuck it in the freezer for a little while as well.  I had some trouble with it later on. I just attached it by sticking some tooth picks in it.

Now for the legs, I took the soup can cake and cut it in half length wise.  Those were the two front legs.  Remember the domes I cut off?  Well, I crumbled some of those up, added a little bit of icing, mixed it all up good, and then molded them how I wanted them to look for the back legs (kind of how you make cake truffles).  So I placed those on the cake too, and gave it a crumb-coat.

For the trunk, I took marshmallows and stuck tooth picks in them to hold them together and curved it to the shape I wanted it.  Then I iced those as well.

Finishing the Cake
Now that everything is placed together and crumb-coated, it is time to finish it.
I applied a thicker final coat of icing.  I tried to smooth it out as good as a could.
 I cut the ears out of paper and wrapped them in plastic wrap to help keep them from getting greasy or anything from the icing.  The eyes are just chocolate chips I stuck on there.  The bow is marshmallows that I painted with food coloring.
And that is how I made my elephant cake ^_^  I Love it!!!

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