Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Little Bee and a Mixer!

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and my family and I went camping.  It was a beautiful weekend for this relaxing trip.  Due to limited cargo space, I did not cook any kind of treat.  But after the 4 hour drive to the campground, I wish I had whipped up something for the road.  Maybe next time I will remember to do that.
We headed out on Friday afternoon only knowing a general direction of where we were going but no specific destination.  For those of you who don't camp, this was very dangerous for campgrounds are PACKED on Memorial Day weekend.  It is close to impossible to find a spot without a reservation, and we had none.  Some campsites had walk-in sites that aren't available to reserve, and that is what we hoped to find.  My dad had a few campgrounds picked out that we were going to try.  On the way however, he called Ouachita Lake State Park and they had just had a cancelation.  SCORE!!!  We reserved that spot and continued driving.  It was beautiful out there.  

We had a wonderful view of the lake.  Our family very much enjoyed just relaxing in the great outdoors. The water felt wonderful to swim in...not too hot and not too cold.  The sun gave me a nice little tan which I was more than grateful about.  :)  And I know I am no photographer but here are a couple more pictures from our little trip.
This is the sun setting behind the mountains across the lake.  So pretty :)
Isn't this just beautiful? 
All in all it was a great weekend.

We got home and now I had to unpack and everything.  Now I had to start getting ready for another trip of mine.  This coming week I am leaving to go to Missouri with my church.  It is a youth trip but they allowed the college people to come too.  Yay!!  I am so excited about this trip!  We are going tubing (just floating...not the really fun kind of tubing where you are pulled from behind a boat) on a river and then going to six flags for two days!  I am going to get so sun burned!  Hopefully, if I am lucky, I will just get more tan...hahahaha yeah right.  So I will be busy getting ready and having fun.

Also, my dad bought us a new mixer!!! YAY!!!!  Our old one has not been working for several years now and so we have been relying on our even OLDER one.   You know, one of the ones you hold.  It just does not have the power that is needed.  It only has five speeds and it just isn't very powerful anymore.  But now...we have a standing Kitchen Aid!  WOOHOO!!!! I am super excited to get to use it!  I can't wait! 
Maybe I can find some sort of treat to make for my trip to Missouri with the youth...hmm....

So that is basically all that has been going on.  I haven't had much time to make anything recently :(   I am going to try to get back in the kitchen VERY soon!!!



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